Introduction to relief printing – (english)

Instructor : Martin Loft

Duration : 3 hours

Schedule : March 16 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Price: $80

The workshop will be conducted in English


Description :

Each participant will be given a short printmaking tutorial, a hands-on demonstration of the relief printing method, and an opportunity to print their own work of art. Safety and aesthetics will be discussed and each participant will receive a printing block, carving tools, sketching paper, pencil and paper which will be used to produce their work.  
Materials and equipment: Ink, carving tools, brayer, inking spatula, cotton paper, soft lead pencils, sketching paper, paper towels, newsprint, access to water, portable inking slab and printing platform/press.  
PARTICIPANTS: Adults and youths (16 years up). No experience is necessary, besides an interest in printmaking.



Disponibilité : 8 en inventaire